ERGUN ÇAGATAY (1937-2018) - 291/400

ERGUN ÇAGATAY, (Turkish photographer), (1937-2018)., Pamukbank, Istanbul, 1997.

Original color photograph on positive paper. In original cover with its cartoon frame. Size: (all 50x60 cm - photograph 23x36 cm). Positive paper is a light-sensitive paper on which the image taken on the negative film was created in accordance with the original image. A short biography on verso. Signed by the photographer. 400 copies were printed. All copies were numbered. This is no. 291.

Ergun Çagatay was a Turkish photographer and photojournalist of international renown. A professional photo-reporter working freelance for major international news agencies, his life changed dramatically when he was badly wounded in 1983 during the ASALA attack on the Turkish Airlines counter at the Orly airport outside of Paris. His later growing interest in Central Asia led to his publishing Turkic-Speaking Peoples: 1500 Years of Art And Culture from Inner Asia to the Balkans in 2006.