ERSİN ALOK (1937-) - 27/400

ERSIN ALOK, (Turkish photographer), (1937-)., Pamukbank, Istanbul, 1997.

Original color photograph on positive paper. In original cover with its cartoon frame. Size: (all 50x60 cm - photograph 23x36 cm). Positive paper is a light-sensitive paper on which the image taken on the negative film was created in accordance with the original image. A short biography on verso. Signed by the photographer. 400 copies were printed. All copies were numbered. This is no. 27.

Ersin Alok was born in 1937, in Istanbul, Turkey. He graduated from Istanbul University, School of Arts and Letters, Psychology Department, and from Journalism and Commerce Department of The I.I.T.I Academy. (Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences). He founded the Photography Institute of the Mimar Sinan University. Alok, who started his art career as a painter, held his first exhibition in 1953, at the exhibition hall of the School of Languages, History, and Geography of Ankara University. He started his professional career as a photographer in 1967. He won the first prize, with his Absurd in photography, in the 5th Paris Biennial Then first prizes in Rome, Brussels, Sofia, Warsaw, and USA Barkley follow In 1989, World Photography Association gave Alok the right to represent Asia, and held his panoramic triangular exhibition with three other artist Alok, who has realized 199 exhibitions, has also had 41 exhibitions abroad He has formed a sound archive with his studies on sound recording. He also founded the first DIABANK in Turkey with his 6,500,000 dia archive. Alok has 21 published books.